How does it work?

Our Process

The EmazingSites launch process is super simple by design. We want to get your website launched as fast as possible so that you can start generating more leads. We have built our processes and automations from the ground up to allow us to get your website live in as little as 21 days. Check out our rundown of how we get your site ready for the big time!

Get Started

Choose Your Plan

Select your package and enter your billing information. You will then be taken to a new page to sign your two-year agreement.

Enter Your Company Info

Using our quick 10 minutes or less form, give us all of the nitty gritty on your company. Be prepared to submit your brand logos, your color palette (if you have one), and all of the important details about your business. This step is super important as it will keep us from having to go back and forth over email to get more information.


Our team will reach out to do a 10 minute review of the information you submitted, and using that information will begin developing your site. This process will take anywhere from 7 to 21 days, and you don't have to do a thing!


Your website is almost ready! After our team has gotten initial development completed, you get to review our work and make any adjustments that you feel are needed. We spend 30 minutes to an hour reviewing each page of your site for any corrections that you may want to make. Then it is off to Launch Day!


Launch Days are the best days! It is time to show your shiny new website to the world. We submit your site index to the major search engines, and provide you with any images you may want to use in your announcement. Want our copywriters to write your announcement for you? Just let us know and we can make that happen!


Even though your website has launched, our journey has just begun. Your website needs daily backups, weekly updates, and constant security. Our team takes care of all of this for you! In addition, we will have review check ins to make sure that your site is generating you leads!